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This year we have held the III CONFESQ Research Days, which have been carried out in different sections and in each one of them we have given relevance to one of the diseases we represent, holding them in different cities, co-organised with the association that represents each one of them:

  • 28th September. Fibromyalgia Section: Non-pharmacological therapies. Universidad de Zaragoza. In collaboration with FE-ASAFA.
  • 6th October. MCS and EHS Section: Broadening perspectives. Consejería de Sanidad de Castilla La Mancha (Toledo). In collaboration with SFC-SQM CLM.
  • 8th November. ME/CFS Section: Biomarkers of subgroups. Universidad Católica de Valencia. In collaboration with SFC-SQM C. Valenciana.

In addition, two online communication days with healthcare professionals specialised in FM, ME/CFS, MCS and EHS were organised on 18 and 25 October.

It has been hard work, but looking at the results we can only be satisfied.

The latest conference, Subgroup Biomarkers in Myalgic Encephalomyelitis, was co-organised with the Universidad Católica de Valencia and took place at one of its venues on 8 November.

During the day, we were honoured to have a high-level inaugural table, which included the presence of the First Vice-President of the Illustrious College of Physicians of Valencia, Dr. Pedro Ibor Vidal. We were also accompanied by distinguished personalities such as the Dean of the Faculty of Health Sciences, Dr. Carlos Barrios Pitarque, and the Vice-Rector for Research of the UCV, Dr. José Mª Tormos Muñoz.

It was a very interesting day with two international presentations, the first one by Ms. Evguenia Nepotchatykh, pre-doctoral researcher at the University of Canada, who presented the work of Dr. Alain Moreau “Differential diagnosis of ME using microRNAs” and the second one, by Dr. Lutz Schomburg, Vice Director of the Charité Universitatsmedizin Berlin, who spoke about “Autoimmune hypothyroidism in patients diagnosed with fibromyalgia, ME and LONG COVID”.

In this video link you can watch the conference with its original audio:

The day ended with a round table with the participation of Dr. Elisa Oltra, Dr. Eva Mª Martín, Dr. José Vigaray and the president of CONFESQ, Ms. María López Matallana. The round table discussed the issues addressed at the conference, the research carried out and the reflections of all the work that remains to be done, but with the certainty of being ever closer. We are sure that all these efforts will have their results soon.

This activity marks the end of the III Research Conference on FM, ME/CFS, MCS and EHS. We are very proud of the work and its impact with more than 208 registered participants, 51% of whom are health professionals. We are immensely grateful to the speakers who have made this conference possible and, of course, to the scientific committee for their involvement and dedication.

Proyecto financiado a través de las subvenciones para la realización de actividades de interés general consideradas de interés social de la convocatoria del 0,7 del Ministerio de Derechos Sociales y Agenda 2030, gestionado por COCEMFE. Co-financiado por SFC-SQM Madrid, a través de la Junta Municipal de Retiro, Ayuntamiento de Madrid. SFC-SQM C. Valenciana. UCV (Universidad Católica de Valencia).

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